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We believe that the intelligent use of technology can significantly enhance the ability of providers to deliver high quality, outcome-driven care.


About nGage Health

How we deliver healthcare is rapidly changing in the United States. Shared savings programs, meaningful use attestation, clinical quality metrics and patient satisfaction measures are all shaping how providers are rated and remunerated. We are moving towards the Triple Aim of healthcare delivery.

Through the nGage Health Patient Relationship Management platform healthcare providers can now get a proactive, real-time view of the health issues affecting the whole of the population they serve.

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Meaningful Use Compliant

Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 Patient Engagement requirements as defined by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Annual Wellness Visits

Streamline the Annual Wellness Visit process with a highly patient-focused Health Risk Assessment and Care Plan creator.

Data Analysis Tools

Demonstrate improved patient outcomes and satidfaction metrics using powerful data visualization and reporting tools.

Outcome Reporting

Capture many valuable patient self-report metrics to assist with Clinical Quality Metric (CQM) reporting.


1. Integration with mHealth Apps and Devices

With the rapid growth in the mobile health and wearable device market it is becoming essential for providers of care to leverage this previously unavailable source of health data. By integrating with numerous health devices and apps, the nGage Health Platform provides physicians with a clear and meaningful view of this data, enabling them to keep more detailed and current health records, as well as being able to 'prescribe' these mHealth solutions to their patients.

Image of the nGage Health mobile app and its integration with third-party health apps.

2. Population Health Dashboard

The nGage Health Platform delivers a realtime view of amalgamated self-report and EHR data across a provider's entire population with the ability to segment and analyze this data based on multiple demographic and health related parameters. Using the population dashboard, providers can quickly identify those within their population that are in need of intervention, and also predict where to focus future efforts. Individuals and groups identified as needing intervention can be directly and securely messaged from the dashboard.

Image of nGage Health's Population Health Dashboard in an iPad.

3. Analytics and Reporting

Our analytics and reporting tools allow providers to easily create visually rich and meaningful reports on health related outcomes across their whole population. These proof points can assist with statutory reporting requirements.

4. Annual Wellness Visits

The nGage Health Annual Wellness Visit solution is a unique online tool for streamlining the Annual Wellness Visit. Our health risk assessment enables providers to get a broad insight into their patients' health status and risks prior to the face-to-face wellness visit. During their visit, both provider and patient use the platform to build a personalized prevention plan, complete with health targets, goals, trackers and connected devices. This powerful solution has been proven in the marketplace to increase patient engagement and self-management.



Secure HIPAA compliant hosting solution.
Single-sign-on functionality for integration within existing online presence.
Data integration with common electronic health record systems and health information exchanges.
Self-serve set up for small provider groups.

Diagram of nGage Health Platform Overview


nGage Health is a team of Health Technology professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in creating digital health solutions for employers, providers, health plans and government bodies. With expertise in medical data analysis, programing and user experience, we are committed to transforming healthcare delivery from an episodic and reactive discipline to a proactive and ongoing dialogue between healthcare providers and the populations they serve.

Image of Dr Peter Mills, co-founder of nGage Health.

Dr Peter Mills

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