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Peter Mills

Peter Mills

Peter is an established entrepreneur having grown and sold two businesses in the healthcare sector in the last 10 years; he was one of the founding team at global health management consultancy, vielife (acquired by CIGNA in 2006).

He also runs Glasslyn Health Solutions, a global health consulting practice that helps large employers, health plans and health service vendors utilize technology to improve their population health management initiatives.

He trained in medicine at the University of London and is a specialist in respiratory medicine. He still practices on a part-time basis at the Whittington Hospital.


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Simon Armstrong

Peter Mills

Simon has been at the forefront of healthcare IT for more than a decade. While at vielife he developed the technical architecture that allowed the company to seamlessly integrate their online solutions with client platforms, large and small. He was the technical lead integrating the vielife system with CIGNA's legacy infrastructure.

Since leaving vielife Simon has provided consulting assistance to a number of organizations, both within the healthcare and insurance space, but also in the gaming, automotive and pharmaceutical markets. He has recently been helping the UK government develop its technical architecure for the relaunch of one of its high profile public facing websites.


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Sean Eligon

Peter Mills

Sean has spent the last 12 years designing user experiences across a range of sectors including health, banking, retail and utilities. He has provided strategic advice and designed a multitude of successful products for some of the largest businesses in the UK including BUPA, Royal Bank of Scotland and British Gas.

Sean has worked in some of the most innovative, award-winning digital agencies in London and has deliverered work ranging from online health behaviour change programmes and health risk assessments to mobile business banking services and customised enterprise knowledge-sharing solutions.

Sean's approach is deeply rooted in a Human Centered Design philosophy. He strongly believes in involving users throught the entire design process, from concept to production, in order to deliver thoughtfully designed, compelling experiences.


We've got the
measure of good health

  • Scalable patient engagement solutions, with proactive identification of at-risk groups
  • Real-time, data-driven health management tools
  • Objective assessment of outcomes and cost savings

Dashboard view of your population

For the first time ever healthcare providers can now get a real-time view of the health issues affecting the whole of their served patient population. The nGage Health provider dashboard integrates patient reported data with clinical information and enables physicians to be proactive in the way they manage their patients'issues.

Track and Analyze Trends

Longitudinal data capture ensures providers can monitor health status trends within their patient population and also compare changes with other similar practice groups. Trend analysis has been designed specifically to assist physicians and provider groups better report on outcome and quality metrics.

Health Risk Assessment

Our next-generation health risk assessment provides an engaging and intuitive experience to consumers. It is also the entry point to the patient portal, which enables the capture of ongoing data from individuals on their health status and lifestyle choices. Connectivity with popular social networking platforms allows consumers to share information with their friends and family.

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About nGage Health

The model for healthcare delivery is changing in the developed world. Physicians are being forced to shift from transactional, episodic care towards a model of total population health management. They will increasingly be remunerated based upon outcomes and cost containment.

nGage Health provides technology driven patient engagement and health management solutions for healthcare providers which address the new challenges facing the sector.

Integrating with the commonly used electronic health record systems, the nGage platform provides proactive real-time information to physicians allowing them to manage health risks within their patient population before significant costs are incurred.

Intelligent use of data allows for proactive personalized outreach to "at-risk" individuals and groups in a scalable and cost effective way.

Getting your patients engaged with health

The healthcare sector is not renown for creating engaging consumer experiences, but this has just changed with the launch of nGage Health patient portal. An emphasis on user experience and user-centricity has lead to the creation of a truly engaging application that not only allows you to provide appropriate and personalized recommendations and guidance to your patients, but also gives you a way of connecting the right people with the right local initiatives.

The patient portal has been developed to leverage individuals' existing online activity; which in turn drives sustained engagement and ongoing data capture.


How can nGage benefit you and your practice

Healthcare reimbursement is gradually shifting from a fee for service model to one where greater emphasis is being placed upon wellness, patient satisfaction and outcomes. The Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations and the Patient Centered Medical Home all have proactive prevention and wellness as their central tenets.

As well as allowing you to be proactive in identifying individuals and groups who are likely to be high-cost utilizers of healthcare services in the short- to medium-term, the nGage solution can also assist you in identifying and delivering fully covered preventive services, such as annual wellness visits, to eligible patients.